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I'm trying to reverse-engineer Java-Web-Start application for fun. It's ukrsibbank's JWS app (here's its jnlp-file: Reason why I'm doing it is way far from evil intents (but who knows how far I can go :) ), I really do it for educational purposes and personal fun. May be I'll manage to implement my own solution for this app as currently it is waaay far from excellence.

Ok, to make long story short: currently I managed to trace the app's some http(s) payloads by using JMeter as a proxy (I followed this article: How to record a JNLP/ Java Web Start application with JMeter). I can see requests and responses which retrieve the app's some jar/xml/cert/etc. files but when I start using the app itself no more http(s) requests/responses are tracked by JMeter.

Is there a way to track all communications between Java-Web-Start app and web services/protocols/servers/other web resources it turns to?

I'm not that good with tools for tracking/sniffing http/soap/etc. payloads, I started using JMeter only today. All suggestions/links/ideas are appreciated.

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