I am trying to access the stress levels data in a Tizen .Net app.

The web app documentation has it: https://developer.tizen.org/ko/development/guides/web-application/sensors/human-activity-monitor#monitoring-stress

As @SushiHangover points out it can be accessed in the native API. The documentation for this is at: https://developer.tizen.org/ko/development/api-references/native-application?redirect=https://developer.tizen.org/dev-guide/4.0.0/org.tizen.native.wearable.apireference/group__CAPI__SYSTEM__SENSOR__LISTENER__MODULE.html

However it is not in the .Net documentation: https://developer.tizen.org/ko/development/guides/.net-application/location-and-sensors/device-sensors https://samsung.github.io/TizenFX/API4/api/Tizen.Sensor.html

I understood that all native APIs were exposed in the Tizen .Net platform. How to I get my hands on those stress data readings?

The app is for Galaxy Watch, which uses Tizen API 4.

Thank you!

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Tizen API 4 does not provide access to the Stress sensors. There is not much You can do about it. API level 6 will include Tizen.Sensor.StressMonitor class. You can check the Pull Request 827 adding this feature.