On an Access form, I use a Richtext control (HTML) which I fill with a concatenation of several textual parts taken from the database and separated with [br] tags (I show the tag using square brackets because if I use the normal "<" and ">" characters, the tag is applied to the post !). I must enable the user to spot the different textual parts with a discreet icon between them, which would not bother the reading of the whole text. Also, I must enable him to select one of the textual parts for applying a treatment to it.

Now I have a few questions :
1) Do you have an idea of a tag that would display a discreet icon, something like a small star, a circle...
2) Do you have an idea of a tag which I could insert before a textual part, in which I could store the textual part id (like a meta tag), so that whatever the user selects, I can search the HTML string from the start of the selection upwards and find the textual part id containing the selection
3) Perhaps a tag could play both these roles ?

Thank you for any bright idea you may provide !

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