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T-SQL SELECT query with dates assistance

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I think there's an easier solution that'll save processing time as well. I could just delete all records that that have status = 'completed' and status = 'ongoing' before completed.

That way I only have to simply query to First_value where status = 'ongoing'.

How would I write that?

I'm working on a database. I have a table with records that are as follows, quotations describe the columns input, the focus of my question is on Date and Status

  • Name "Users name is auto populated from CSV"
  • Location "NC,SC,NJ, ETC"

  • City "Carthage, Myrtle Beach, ETC"

  • Date "Date record was entered is automatically input by SQL when importing CSV in format YEAR-MM-DD"
  • Status "Ongoing or Completed are the only two entries"

The Date column and status columns are updated regularly.

I need my SELECT DISTINCT query to return the record by the first date when the Status column = 'Ongoing'. That part, I know how to do. However, whenever a records Status column goes to 'Completed' one day and a new record is added later with the Status as ongoing, I see the first ever record where the Status field = 'Ongoing'.

I attached a visual of what the I'm talking about. I need my query to return the 3rd box from the left and not the first.

visual of what the I'm talking about

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