I have subscribed to the CTS Surveyor's Web Socket service as per the integration guide http://caerustech-solutions.com/demo/User_Guide.pdf , and received back the {"events":[{"event":"connected"}]}, however I there are no "people" events that are coming.

The following is my code:

webSocket = new ClientWebSocket();
await webSocket.ConnectAsync(new Uri(uri), CancellationToken.None);
await Task.WhenAll(Receive(webSocket), Send(webSocket));

and then I am listening on the socket like this:

var result = await webSocket.ReceiveAsync(new ArraySegment<byte>(buffer), CancellationToken.None);

As per the documentation, I am supposed to be getting faces_found events, but that is not happening. Can anyone tell me what I may be missing?

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Have you checked the DEFAULT_READ_FACES and DEFAULT_COUNT_PEOPLE flags in the config.ini file? As per their doc, you can either set them to True to be always available, or enable people/faces feature through the control API, such as http://localhost:5000/enable_feature?feature=face