my subscription orders are not displaying Item meta such as SKU, how can I apply the filter to display SKU number for my subscription orders only?

I have found 2 filters that are declared in Woocommere subscriptions plugin, there have been implemented since the 2.0 version of subscription. You find the whole code for a woocommerce subscription here:

This is the filter in file line 61.

    // Don't display migrated order item meta on the Edit Order screen
    add_filter( 'woocommerce_hidden_order_itemmeta', __CLASS__ . '::hide_order_itemmeta' );

This is the filter in file line 33.

    // Don't copy switch order item meta to renewal order items
    add_filter( 'wcs_new_order_items', array( __CLASS__, 'remove_switch_item_meta_keys' ), 10, 1 );

If I remove the above filters would the item meta starts to display in the order detail page(backend)? Or should I apply filters functions.php file to get the SKU number for my subscription renewal orders only? Simple orders have SKU numbers/item-meta displayed correctly just the renewal subscriptions have the problem. Any suggestion or help would be highly appreciated because I am stuck on this for weeks now and don't have any clue to fix it 100%.

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