Is there a way to hint about a pandas DataFrame's schema "statically" so that we can get code completion, static type checking, and just general predictability during coding?

I wouldn't mind duplicating the schema info in code and type annotation for this to work..

So maybe something roughly like mypy comment type annotations:

df = pd.DataFrame({'a': [1.0, 2.4, 4.5], 'B': [1,2,3]})  # pd.schema: ('a': np.dtype(float)), ('B': np.dtype(int))

(or better yet have the schema specified in some external JSON file or such)

Then you can image things like df. auto-completing during coding to df.a or df.B. Or mypy (and any other static code analyzer) being able to infer the type of df.B[0] and such.

Although hopeful, I'm guessing this isn't really possible (or desired...). If so, what would be a good standard for writing good reusable code that returns pd.DataFrame's with specific columns? So imagine there's a function get_data() -> pd.DataFrame that returns data with columns that are known in advance - how would you make this transparent to a user of this function? Anything smarter / more standardized than just spelling it out in the function's docstring?

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