I've got a piece of code where I have to applies some subqueries. I'm trying to change this piece of pure sql to more rails way. Is it possible to implement ActiveRecord Relation here?

Customer.joins("RIGHT JOIN customers_users ON customers_users.customer_id = customers.id").
         where("customers_users.user_id IN (
                                    SELECT user_id FROM customers_users
                                    GROUP BY customers_users.user_id
                                    HAVING COUNT(customers_users.user_id) = 1)")

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NRaghavendra On Best Solutions

Yes you can convert it rails way like

first create a relation to customer_users in customer model

Customer.joins(:customers_users).where(customers_users: { user_id: CustomersUser.select(:user_id).group(:user_id).having('COUNT(customers_users.user_id) = 1') })