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I'm having really hard time trying to make this work. I have this table : evid_record

Its named evid_record and I want to sum columns : 'Kolokvijum teorija' + 'Kolokvijum zadaci' + 'Aktivnost' + 'Prisustvo' + 'Seminarski rad' + Domaci rad'.

And the result should be displayed in 'Predisp. Obaveza'.

I managed to get it partially work from phpmyadmin/mysql

with this code:

     , SUM(teorija + zadaci + akt + pris + semrad + domrad) 
  FROM evid_record 
    BY id

I get the correct results as you can see in the picture :my result

But I don't know how should I insert that summed data into my column 'Predisp. obaveza'. I'm not even sure if I'm on a right way. I found some similar situations people asked, tried to apply them on my project, and it didnt work..

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