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SQL-ish : how to change enormous code into an elegant one?

Asked by At

I have just one abhorrend table, no index, no keys, no IDs, no order, 25 columns, 19 million rows. I am using the SQL-ish language named TaQL ("Table Query Language").

I need to select-from-where ... It sounds no problem! However the WHERE conditions are 1683 sets of simple conditions:

set#1: columnA>num1 and columnB>num2 and columnC<num3 and columnD>=num4 ...
set#2: columnA>num189 and columnB>num274 and columnC<num321 and columnD>=num457 ...
set#n: ...
set#1683: ....

My current code is working fine, but it has 1683 lines in the WHERE statement. I created it by awk and regular expressions.

Is there an elegant way to reduce such enormous code?

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