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I know this is very basic question, but we are tumbled on to it.

We have a simple button in HTML file

<button data-dojo-type="dijit/form/Button" id="reset" name="reset" title="This is Reset button">Reset</button>

We have implemented the internationalization using dojo i18n feature and have provided appropriate French translation of the title property of the button as R&#233;initialiser la recherche.

The special characters in that message gets displayed correctly in French if I use that message to display the HTML label like RĂ©initialiser la recherche. But when I use the same i18n message in html button's title property, it is getting displayed as it is in the properties file R&#233;initialiser la recherche.

Has anyone faced this issue or know the trick to display special characters in Button's title property?

Thanks in advance.

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