I want to load content from a html file in to a table and automatically update it every second.

index.php saves access log to log.html in the following format:

</td><td>28 05 2019 -  11:32:42</td></tr>

log.html gets read by access.php and the access currently looks right like this:

<table class="tab-le">
<th>Date and time:</th>
<?php include ('logs/log.html'); ?>

I did a php include of the file.html, it rendered just like i wanted, but did not refresh.

So i added a header refresh to 1 sec, i did not refresh every second because it cached the page.

Then i added header no-cache, the page did still cache anyways resulting in not updating the contents of the html file and not including the result.

i also used the top answer from this thread: Show a txt file on a webpage which updates every second

I expect the table to continue, not just echo the text but to actually echo the content in a table.

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