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Several Questions to get a code on CPLEX IBM ILOG

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My dear readers.

I am a super beginner of computer coding.

Now I am trying to build a code by using CPLEX IBM ILOG.

There are some Questions. ;)

  1. Every time I run my solver, I got a message with sudden stop, "OplRun is not responding, you must relaunch the RunConfig"

  2. I'd like to build a code about cutting calculate time. and I also find an answer on a homepage,


But how can I adjust this to my code. I wanna get a solution have a time limit under 7 hours. I mean my solver's calculation time is too long, so, I wanna cut my solving time doesn't make over than 7 hours. And when it is over, it have to give an answer(solve).

  1. And my code is for Scheduling. At the first time when I built a simple code, I could see a GanttChart on a tap of variations(left down side on a screen, if I click a Decision variable "arrow'). However it is suddenly disappeared when I build a intact code. For that reason, I can't get a Ganttchart after the solving. Plz, let me know if there is other way I could get a Ganttchart. Or now I can see the Ganttchart again.

My dear readers. I feel always thanks, everyone who helps me. :)

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