Setting up DeepLabV3 in colab

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So I am trying to set up deeplab in colab.

I am running:


from google.colab import drive
%cd /content/drive/My\ Drive/deeplab_files


%env PYTHONPATH=/content/drive/My\ Drive/deeplab_files/:/content/drive/My\ Drive/deeplab_files/slim


!python deeplab/ \
    --logtostderr \
    --vis_split="val" \
    --model_variant="xception_65" \
    --atrous_rates=6 \
    --atrous_rates=12 \
    --atrous_rates=18 \
    --output_stride=16 \
    --decoder_output_stride=4 \
    --vis_crop_size=360 \
    --vis_crop_size=480 \
    --dataset="camvid" \
    --colormap_type="pascal" \
    --checkpoint_dir='/content/drive/My\ Drive/deeplab_files/deeplab/datasets/PQR/exp/train_on_trainval_set/train' \
    --vis_logdir='/content/drive/My\ Drive/deeplab_files/deeplab/datasets/PQR/exp/train_on_trainval_set/vis' \
    --dataset_dir='/content/drive/My\ Drive/deeplab_files/deeplab/datasets/PQR/tfrecord'

The last command, however, returns

sh: 1: export: Drive/deeplab_files/slim:/content/drive/My Drive/deeplab_files/:/content/drive/My Drive/deeplab_files/slim: bad variable name
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "deeplab/", line 28, in <module>
    from deeplab import common
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'deeplab'

Anyone have any idea how I can set up deeplab? I have it set up on my personal machine, but it is much too slow. I uploaded the entire folder to my gdrive.

The odd thing is that I can do

from deeplab import common

from the notebook and that imports successfully

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abggcv On

Here is a Github repo containing a Colab notebook running deeplab.
I have not tested it but the way you have uploaded your entire directory to Google Drive is not the right way to run things on Colab.
Think of Colab as a separate machine and you are mounting your Google Drive on this machine. Anything available on your Google Drive is not necessarily available to the Colab machine. You will have to add path of your Google Drive folder (say '\content\drive\My Drive\<path_to_your_folder>') to the sys.path for Colab machine using sys.path.insert(0, <path_of_your_drive_folder>) to make that path available to python environment running on the Colab machine.