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Session not working in middleware Laravel 5

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Im trying to work with Sessions in Laravel 5 Middleware, but they are not working. To be specific - var_dump(Session::all()); at the start of handle method gives me array with one value - _tokken, then at the end of this method


Gives me array with two values, _tokken and my lang key, but after refresh its the same, as I understand there should be same result after second refresh.

I though maybe I have my middleware loaded before Session middleware, which was true, then I switched and now my Kernel.php looks like this -

protected $middleware = [


So I ask - what am I doing wrong?

Edit: Digging in Illuminate\Session\Middleware\StartSession I found this -

//Note that the Laravel sessions do not make use of PHP "native" sessions in any way since they are crappy.

as a comment, so my testing with session_status() is not relavent.

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