Server jar file missing (MCP 9.18)

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I'm setting up a Client that can boost FPS on minecraft but whenever I try to decompile Mod Coder Pack (MCP) it throws out a error saying I'm missing a server jar file I have the jar file but I'm not sure where to put it.

I've tried to find some stuff that can help me on the internet but I can't find anything.

Heres the error

!! Missing server jar file. Aborting !!

After it shows that its missing the server jar file it will just recompile everything.

(I didn't really know what to put here.)

Edit: i found the problem if you're experiecing it then just check the answer that i made below.

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So i found out the problem if you're experiecing the same problem heres how to fix it

so go to

then download the version of what mcp you are using and then rename the




then place it in the


folder which is located where you extracted your MCP ZIP File this should fix everything.