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Selenium ActionChains doesn't move an element

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I'm testing a web_app that use React-dnd library to provide drag and drop to the user. The App has a list where the user can change the order of the elements just with drag and drop. I'm writing the test for the app with Selenium 4.10.0 and Python. I tried to use the ActionChains.drag-and_drop but it doesn't work. (there are here in Stack overflow several questions about that). I tried with script in JS and execute that and that was working until the App was updated to react-dnd, now also the script to dispatch events doesn't work anymore. So I tried again to use ActionChains with a different approach: something lihe that:

   source = self._web_driver.find_element(By.CSS_SELECTOR, "#list_data_0")
   target =self._web_driver.find_element(By.CSS_SELECTOR, "#list_data_1")
    #self.drag_and_drop_js(source, target) # this was the tentative with script
    target_x = _target.location['x']
    target_y = _target.location['y']
    print (f"targhet  location x={target_x} y={target_y}")
    source_x = _source.location['x']
    source_y= _source.location['y']
    print (f"source location x={source_x} y={source_y}")
    print ("start to move")
    action.click_and_hold(source).pause(2).move_to_element_with_offset(target, 1, 1).release().perform() 
    source_x = source.location['x']
    source_y= source.location['y']
    print (f"source after mouve location x={source_x} y={source_y}")

The result:

targhet  location x=10 y=377
source location x=10 y=281
start to move
source after mouve location x=10 y=281

As you can see the element didn't move, On screen and in the console I can see that the element is clicked and hold but not moved.

can this be a problem related to the react-dnd? Why do I have no move?

Thanks for any help.

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