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I am new to NGXS and trying to integrate it into a small project. The only problem is that there are no good examples of a search / filter on state.

My app gets a list of products from a backend API. It shows them by SKU on the page. I want the user to be able to type in an SKU in the input field and have the list automatically filter products as the user types.


static getProductList(state: ProductStateModel) {
  return state.products;

static prodFilter(searchObj: any[]) {
  // something needs to happen here in order to filter state


@Select(ProductState.getProductList) products: Observable<Product[]>;

filterForm ={ sku: null });

constructor( private store: Store, private fb: FormBuilder ) { }

ngOnInit() { new GetProducts() );

//something in here (ngOnInit? ngOnChanges?) to pass (cloned??) product state into selector??


  <input type='number' formControlName='sku' />
  <button type='submit'>Submit</button>

<mat-accordion class='product-accordion'>
  <mat-expansion-panel *ngFor='let product of products | async'>
      SKU: {{ product.sku }}

    <p>${{ product.price }}</p>
    <p>{{ product.description }}</p>

I have so many questions. I believe that I shouldn't be mutating the products state directly so would I clone it? Would the HTML output change then? Should I create a new state.ts file for the filtered products?

Any help would be much appreciated (especially a stackblitz example)!

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Garth Mason On Best Solutions

You might find this easier if you model your state like this, capturing the base products list and the text entered in the search textbox:

export interface ProductsStateModel {
  products: Product[];
  filterText: string; // Your SKU value that is entered

.. Then in your state, use a selector to project out the filtered list that you actually want to display on the UI (filteredProducts).

 name: 'products'
export class ProductsState { 

   static filteredProducts(state: ProductsStateModel) { 
      return state.products.filter(p => p.sku === state.filterText);

   updateFilter({patchState}: StateContext<ProductStateModel>, {payload}: ProductSkuEntered) {
       patchState({ filterText: payload.skuText });


In the UI, you can in your template then subscribe to the selector i.e. in products.component.ts use @Select(ProductsState.filteredProducts) products$.

When the search text changes, you can dispatch an action to the store to update that string in the state i.e. store.dispatch(new ProductSkuEntered({ skuText: enteredText })); The NGXS selector will then automatically update your 'filteredProducts` list to display just those that match the text.

It's also nice to hook up a debounceTime to the change in the text so that you only filter when the user has stopped typing. i.e. only dispatch the ProductSkuEntered after the debounce.

Note: I see you are using the NGXS forms plugin - I don't have experience with that plugin but it is not required for this scenario (although you might be using it elsewhere).