I want to save email attachments to my app’s doc folder (C++ FMX app for iOS & Android). How do I register my app as a target?

The screen shots below show that an app on my phone named Termius is a target to save files to. I want my app to be a target like this. Just need user to get files into my app folder.

popup to save doc

target to save to relayman

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relayman357 On Best Solutions

Based on Sherlock70 tutoring i was able to easily add my app's Documents folder as a "save to files" target. I selected iOSDevice64 as my target platform and then went to "Project->Options->Application->Version Info" where i right-clicked and selected "Add Key" and added the UIFileSharingEnabled key and LSSupportsOpeningDocumentsInPlace key with their values set to true.

snip showing the new keys

Now i can save an email attachment to my app's Document folder via "Save to Files". This link shows how you can then list the files in your Documents folder. Below is image showing what pops up when you click "Save to Files":

enter image description here

Note i'm working in Rad Studio 10.3 (C++Builder 10.3 Version 26.0.32429.4364).