Quick question:

i have to save and load formatted texts, is the RTF text formattion capable of all formatting features?

Longer statement:

i have to save and load some formatted texts in c#. i managed to do so with most common "markup" languages: xml (word), rtf, html, ... i mostly used some free toolkits to edit these formats

i realised soon that html and html based formats like mhtt leak features known from usual Editors.

in my tests i didn't manage to find any limits for openXML (the word docx stuff) and RTF (rich text box/.RTF old free editors)

the only thing i noticed, is that RTF has less Data overhead and openXML has the better image handling

to my Question: is there any text based Editing RTF can't handle? but the openXML can?

All comparisons between these formats are usually determined by the programs you want to use, but I will most likely create all the programs around my data from scratch

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