SAP RFC GUI capable?

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According to a comment in this question. SAP RFC is GUI capable:

Why is r_data_line_descr of cl_salv_bs_runtime_info=>get_data_ref() not bound?

Where can I find more information about this feature of SAP RFC?

Quoting above comment:

moreover RFC is GUI-capable provided that you select it when you open the RFC connection (activated by default with SAP)

I use PyRFC, but I guess this feature applies to all client implementations of SAP RFC.

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Sandra Rossi On

Being the author of that comment, let me explain what I meant.

First of all, my comment was in response to "If you call the code by RFC, then there is no GUI connected to the server", if I understand well its meaning, it's wrong if you start the connection with the SAP GUI parameter activated, i.e. it's possible to run a SAP function by RFC which displays a SAP GUI screen (provided that SAP GUI is installed on the client). Otherwise the ABAP code will fail when displaying a screen (SAP GUI not connected).

I didn't find any official documentation for this parameter.

I just know the parameter for these two languages:

In COM/ActiveX, it's the property RfcWithDialog of class SAPLogonCtrl.Connection:

Dim connParam As SAPLogonControl
Dim connHandle As SAPLogonCtrl.Connection

set connParam = New SAPLogonControl
connParam.ApplicationServer = "atlas.XXXXXXXX"
connParam.System = "DK1"
connParam.SystemNumber = 02  'system 00, 01, ...
connParam.client = "100"
connParam.user = "xxxxxx"
connParam.Password = "xxxxxx"
connParam.Language = "EN"
connParam.Enabled = False

Set connHandle = connParam.NewConnection
connHandle.RfcWithDialog = 1 

In .NET, it's the property UseSAPGui of class RfcConfigParameters.

PS: I don't think this parameter will help you in your other question.