I am new to using regi

So I used this tutorial:


Requirements: Hana Client installed

Initial Setup

  1. Create Key-File : hdbuserstore -i set HDBREGIKEY hanaFQDN:30015 myUser myPassword
  2. Create Workspace : regi create workspace regiHanaWorkspace --key=HANAKEY
  3. CD to workspace : cd /home/user/regiHanaWorkspace
  4. Track changes : regi track myRootPackage

  5. Checkout command : regi checkout leads to error:

Could not convert CDATA of object {"package":"my.package.id","name":"i18n","suffix":"properties"} from UTF-8 to Latin-1 Invalid UTF-8 start byte ("�" 0xe2)

  • How to fix this? (HANA Studio Checkout does not have any issues)
  • I wonder why is it trying to convert anyway (UTF-8 to Latin1) I am using Linux! so no conversion should be needed
  • Also I veryfied the CDATA field with cast(cdata as varbinary) and the data starts with 0x2A2D2D2043 which matches the expectation: *-- C

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