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SageMaker deploying to EIA from TF Script Mode Python3

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I've fitted a Tensorflow Estimator in SageMaker using Script Mode with framework_version='1.12.0' and python_version='py3', using a GPU instance.

Calling deploy directly on this estimator works if I select deployment instance type as GPU as well. However, if I select a CPU instance type and/or try to add an accelerator, it fails with an error that docker cannot find a corresponding image to pull.

Anybody know how to train a py3 model on a GPU with Script Mode and then deploy to a CPU+EIA instance?

I've found a partial workaround by taking the intermediate step of creating a TensorFlowModel from the estimator's training artifacts and then deploying from the model, but this does not seem to support python 3 (again, doesn't find a corresponding container). If I switch to python_version='py2', it will find the container, but fail to pass health checks because all my code is for python 3.

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