What's the best way to handle actions that trigger transformations in RxDart?


  • Send a request once the user taps a button.
  • Request a new page in a list.

In other Reactive implementations like RxSwift, you can define the type Observable<Void> and listen to new events to start the transformations.

You can define a Observable in RxDart but then you are forced to add something in the subject like subject.add('something') or subject.add(0) which is confusing. It would be cool to use subject.add(void), subject.add() or subject.add(()) but this is not possible.

The first idea that comes to my mind is to create a new type like Empty or more specifically for the proposed scenarios Action.

Then I could do something like this:

PublishSubject<Action> action = PublishSubject<Action>();
    .map(....) // Apply the desired transformations

Am I reinventing the wheel?

Is there a simpler approach to handle elegantly what I am proposing here?

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