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Running Flask website in Cyberpanel on Digital Ocean

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I have set up a Cyberpanel 1-click vps on Digital Ocean. I can use it to do 1-click installs of Wordpress and can also FTP old wordpress sites and get them to work. I have a number of Flask websites on my local machine which work fine but I'm finding the instructions across the web for getting them uploaded and working on Cyberpanel quite difficult.

Gunicorn is installed on the server along with Pip and virtualenv, also python2.7, python3 and python3.6 are present on the server in the etc/ directory.

I would like to use python2.7 to get one of these sites working. I already have a domain name and https set up and all works, can upload a static website or wordpress site to that domain which is available online.

Have deleted those files (was just practicing) and would like to use the same domain for hosting a Flask website. Most instructions are about WSGI, uWSGI and nginx but confusing. Could someone point out how to make the necessary configuation to get this working? I believe it's a question of getting the WSGI file (or another if that's needed in this case) to call the app and serve it. I don't see why nginx is necessary with the cyberpanel configuration. Thanks.

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