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Running concurrent users with Taurus using a Robot-Framework Script

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I have prepared a robot test script and now I'm trying to run the script in multiple browsers ( same time ) using Blazemeter - Taurus. The Tauyus yml file looks like the code bellow.

I have used the same method in JMeter and Taurus seems to run smoothly with Jmeter as expected.

- concurrency: 5
 executor: selenium
 runner: robot
 ramp-up: 50s
 hold-for: 2h
 script: WebFlow.robot

 - console
 - final-stats
 - blazemeter

I'm expecting to start 5 browser windows and run the robot script concurrently. But now even the concurrency is 5 it will open browsers one at a time and once the whole robot script finished running it will start the browser for the second time.

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