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I am finding it very difficult to wrap my head round this.

I am trying to accomplish something very simple which is to periodically copy files from one linux system to another through a script on local machine.

The remote system is very limited on memory and as such doesn't support cron or many of the common libraries. Only way is to run a script forever which I'd rather not do. It does have scp on it and ssh to connect to it

I want to ssh from my local machine to remote machine, run find command for all files less than a day old.

I want to then use this result and process it in the form of

scp [email protected]:" file2.txt file3.jpg" /destination

destination being local location. It would be even better if I could rename the file to include full path of file as its name on the destination folder.

Edit 1:

Some progress I used the following command to get a list of files that I want to copy

ssh [email protected] 'cd /tmp && find -name *.mp4 -mtime -1'

I do have to manually enter password though so this can run as part of a script

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