I am trying to import Here maps into one of our webpage.

    this.map = new H.Map(<HTMLElement> document.getElementById("mapContainer),
    let behavior = new H.mapevents.Behavior(new H.mapevents.MapEvents(this.map));

On adding above line a tag does not work. On click of hyperlink does not take to me to new page. But works fine if I try to right click hyperlink and open in new tab.

<a *ngFor="let s of getSzValues(z.zones)" [ngClass]='active' href="/Detail/SZ" routerLink="/Detail/{{s[0]}}"> {{s[1]}}</a>

Not able to narrow down root cause. Any reference or pointers will be helpful.

1 Answers

Nikesh Devaki On Best Solutions

Issue was with the *ngFor="let s of getSzValues(z.zones)" expression in <a> tag. getSzValues() was being called again and again on mouse events.

Issue resolved after updating expression to fetch values from an object instead of making function call like below.

<div *ngFor="let key of z.subzones.keys()">
     <a routerLink="/Detail/{{ key }}">  {{z.subzones.get(key)}}</a>

@HEREDeveloperSupport Thanks for responding.