i am currently having problem with 'meteor' and i am currently new to this learning this stuff. So, after installing 'Meteor' i opened command prompt and typed :

meteor create goodboy

and then,

cd goodboy

But to delete the live and already running example app, i used :

rm goodboy.*

But the command prompt, gave this error :

rm is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Is there anyway i can fix this error, thank you.

4 Answers

Eliezer Steinbock On

Use del on Windows.

Also, this has nothing to do with Meteor. You can also delete a Meteor project by going to the folder and dragging it to the trash.

dasfdsa On

If you are on windows, git bash may run such commands.

Amitesh Maurya On

If you are using Mac then we can simply use

rm -f src/*

and For windows we can use command for this is

 del -f "src/*"

Hope this works fine for you.

shireef khatab On

I guess you are not using bash terminal. Try this..

1- Go to the folder that you want to remove its contents lets call it my-app folder.

2- Right click in the empty space, then choose get Bash here.

3- Paste the command rm -f src/* (I'm about to remove the content inside src folder which is a subfolder inside my-app folder).

4- Hit enter.

That should remove all content from src folder. Hope that helps.