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returning filtered DbSet inside DbContext

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I'm trying to filter some of my DbSet by default.

tried overriding the DbContext.Set(TEntity entity); method. wondering if this is the best way to filter a DbSet or should I implement a custom DbSet to return such value?

public override DbSet<TEntity> Set<TEntity>()
    if (typeof(TEntity).Equals(typeof(IBuildingEntity)))
        return (DbSet<TEntity>)base.Set<IBuildingEntity>()
                    this.view_SecureData.Where(m => m.IdUser == this._helperCurrentContext.UserId),
                    bt => bt.IdSecureData,
                    sd => sd.Id,
                    (bt, bld) => bt),
                bld => bld.IdType,
                bt => bt.Id,
                (bld, bt) => bld);

    return base.Set<TEntity>();


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