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Replace search text with table

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Hoping I can get some advice on this. I'm using scripts to automate the creation of a document, where the data comes from an existing google doc. After no luck using linked tables, I'm trying to insert a table at a point identified by search text in the document.

For example, I'd search for TABLE1HERE in the document and replace it with a table defined by [[Heading,Data],[Heading2,MoreData]]. I've tried the below code and a number of variations with no luck. Any pointers would be fantastic.

function updateTablesTEST(searchText,replacementTable){

  var document = DocumentApp.getActiveDocument();
  var documentBody = document.getBody();
  var textLocation;
  var newPosition;
  var textChild;

  textLocation = documentBody.findText(searchText).getElement();
  textChild = textLocation.getParent().getChildIndex(textLocation);
  documentBody.insertTable(textChild+1, replacementTable);


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