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Replace https links with <a> using stencil

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I am facing a problem to replace the answer from api and format it properly

answerFromAPI = "textword textword textword textword textword.\n\nFeel free to ask me questions from this site:\n  \n"

I want to format and render it as following:

textword textword textword textword textword.

Feel free to ask me questions from this site:     /*this should be clickable link*/

For that I have created two functions. 1st for textlinks

 let textLink = answerFromAPI.replace(/(((https?\:\/\/)|(www\.))(\S+))/gi,
           function (x) {
            return '<a href="' + x + '" target="_blank">' + x + '</a>';

2nd for new line

let newLine = answerFromAPI.replace(/(\n?\\n)/ig, function(n) {
            return '<br />'

and I am trying to push into array after applying those to functions lets take testlinks for example

array= []

after that I am rendering the array in jsx

render() {
let temp = [],index)=>{

and returning as following

return <div>

How can I render my message properly on front end. I tried in multiple way but I am facing one issue like the response from function is passing as a string not as HTML tag.

How can I do that?

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