Render HTML content in Ionic v3

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The question is that 'text' has HTML that I wish to be displayed as it should but it only shows the HTML tags and text.

What can I do to render such content?

I've tried the earlier version (Ionic 1/2) solutions and nothing seems to work with Ionic v3.

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sebaferreras On Best Solutions

You should use the innerHTML attribute binding like this:

<div [innerHTML]="text"></div>

Please take a look at the Angular docs for more information.

Muhammad Tahir On

in case you want to write it in paragraph you can do that by

<p><span [innerHTML]="htmlObject"></span></p>
<p><span>"{{title}}" is the <i>interpolated</i> title.</span></p>
<p>"<span [innerHTML]="title"></span>" is the <i>property bound</i> title.</p>

<p><img src="{{heroImageUrl}}"> is the <i>interpolated</i> image.</p>
<p><img [src]="heroImageUrl"> is the <i>property bound</i> image.</p>