I need to replace columnNumber digit from a excel formula string.

I have tried writing a regex (/[A-Z]\d+/g) to get columnNumber with digit from the formula string which seems not working properly as It's just detecting columnNumber (E2~D2) instead of replacing only the digit of that columnNumber-digit it's replacing the whole columnNumber.

var formula = "=IF(E2<(D2*0.004),100,IF((100-(((E2-(D2*0.004))/(D2*0.004))*100))<0,0,(100-(((E2-(D2*0.004))/(D2*0.004))*100))))";
    var regex = /[A-Z]\d+/g;

    for(var i=2; i<=3; i++)

I need this



But getting this



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Emma On Best Solutions

I'm not quite sure, if you want to replace the digit after [A-Z] or not. If that would be the case, this might help you to do so:

var formula = "=IF(E2<(D2*0.004),100,IF((100-(((E2-(D2*0.004))/(D2*0.004))*100))<0,0,(100-(((E2-(D2*0.004))/(D2*0.004))*100))))";
    var regex = /([A-Z])\d+/g;

    for(var i=2; i<=3; i++){

RegEx Demo

This graph shows how the expression would work:

enter image description here