This should be a simple 'google' ... but I have drawn a blank. I assume it must be out there somewhere, can anyone help me find it?

I need a simple comparison that tells me what is in and what is out of the Fuse ESB community edition vs the enterprise edition?

Here are some questions :

  • Is Red Hat Fuse is open source or commercial ?

  • What's main differences between Fuse ESB Enterprise and Community Edition (Comparing Features)

  • i downloaded jboss-fuse-full-6.2.0.redhat-133 from Red Hat Site and i cannot recognize it is Edition version or Enterprise edition

  • What if we use Community edition or Enterprise edition in Production usage ?

  • i did research some tutorial about Fuse ESB only i found is Apache Camel and CXF tutorials(All these are creating soap services from bottom) : Can i deploy/ publish existing (our SOAP service) to Fuse Management Console and Track and Monitor service's request and response ?

  • Our company has been searching Open Source ESB based on our needs to use it in Production Environment (Then we chose Red Hat FUSE)

Thank you.

1 Answers

RickJWagner On

Red Hat software is open source. You can download and use anything you can get from the 'free' distribution sites like (Fuse version 6.2 is very old, by the way.)

The difference is that you get professional support when you buy a support agreement. Red Hat support only concerns the 'professional, product' versions of the software like 'Fuse'. The 'community' versions like Camel are not supportable by Red Hat support.