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Reading Data From File Gets Corrupted

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I am reading data from a TXT file that requires me to replace some of the existing data, and then write it back to the file. The issue is, there are special characters in the file that get corrupted when I write the text back to the file.

For example, I have a string in a file "foo.txt" that has the following "€rdrf +À [HIGH]". My application reads the text into a string, goes through the line and replaces [HIGH] with a value, and then writes back to the file. The issue is, the special text characters get corrupted.

Here is an abbreviated version of the code base:

string fileText = System.IO.File.ReadAllText("foo.txt");
fileText= iPhoneReferenceText.Replace("[HIGH]", low);
TextWriter tw = new StreamWriter("Path");

How do I read from the file without corrupting the special text characters?

Thanks Jay

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