Class Usercontent has records being generated and shown via AJAX calls with turbolinks, essentially the rails way, aside from jQuery3 being invoked in a rails 5 app.

However there are two rendering cases, one for all objects of the class (usercontent), another for a subset (point), on the same page, but in tabs, with two distinct forms and the following usercontents.js javascript.

$(document).on('turbolinks:load', function() {
  $('[data-js-usercontent-form]').on("ajax:success", function(event, data, status, xhr){
    var usercontent = $(xhr.responseText).hide();

  $('[data-js-usercontent-id]').on("ajax:success", function(event, data, status, xhr){
    var usercontent_id =;
    $('[data-js-usercontent-id=' + usercontent_id + ']').hide();
  $('[data-js-point-form]').on("ajax:success", function(event, data, status, xhr){
    var point = $(xhr.responseText).hide();

  $('[data-js-point-id]').on("ajax:success", function(event, data, status, xhr){
    var point_id =;
    $('[data-js-point-id=' + point_id + ']').hide();

the controller declares the two collections

@usercontents = Usercontent.all
@points = Usercontent.where(['contenttype_id = ?', 1]).all

the view has two distinct calls to the collections

<div id=points class='tableize'>
  <%= render @points %>

<div id=usercontents class='tableize'>
  <%= render @usercontents %>

who in turn call the individual item to be updated via AJAX _point.html.erb (both partials are in the views/usercontents directory)

<div class='row' data-js-point-id=<%= %>>

and _usercontent.html.erb

<div class='row' data-js-usercontent-id=<%= %>>

The problem is the former renders the 'full' collection with the wrong data-js call :

<div id="points" class="tableize">
  <div class="row" data-js-usercontent-id="33"></div>
  <div class="row" data-js-usercontent-id="34"></div>
  <div class="row" data-js-usercontent-id="35"></div>
  <div class="row" data-js-usercontent-id="36"></div>
  <div class="row" data-js-usercontent-id="37"></div>
  <div class="row" data-js-usercontent-id="38"></div>
  <div class="row" data-js-usercontent-id="39"></div>
  <div class="row" data-js-usercontent-id="48"></div>

Clearly render @points is not rendering properly. How can this be fixed?

1 Answers

Sovalina On Best Solutions

Your problem is because:

Rails determines the name of the partial to use by looking at the model name in the collection.

which means your partial _point.html.erb is never used.

The @points collection is rendered within the _usercontent.html.erb because it contains Usercontent records.

To fix your issue, render the partial by pointing the right context:

<div id=points class='tableize'>
  <%= render partial: "point", collection: @points %>