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I am working on writing vscode extension and I have some questions related to vscode API which I could not find anywhere in google or doc.

  1. Can I manually add or remove QuickPick item while user types in the Palette? Or can I change the way Palette match search keyword in QuickPick? Because when I have text like "Image Processing", I have to type everything in order and I cannot do fuzzy search in the QuickPick.
  2. Can I set, get and change Palette value from code? e.g. when user select specific text in the editor and then he call my extension command, which will open QuickPick, I want to get his selected text in the editor and then set to Palette to filter my QuickPick item. After typing and then if he decides to choose any item in the QuickPick, then I want to get the search keyword he typed in the Pallete to filter QuickPick.
  3. Is there any events that I can know when cursor is moving its location both row and column?

I would appreciate any help and comment. :)

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