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I have an application implemented in Qt with some c++ and python integrated modules (machine learning, signal processing, etc.) with the following basic characteristics:

  1. Internal multi-threading modules that may run parallel (QThread)
  2. Provide visualization characteristics like 2D plots (not send images) via Qt widgets, e.g., QwtPlotZoomer, QwtPlotMarker, QGraphicsRectItem, QwtPlotCurve.

My goal is to provide the already implemented application characteristics of the server running application via a web browser application with multiple users-observers. I have made some research and spotted some possible solutions (Qt WebGL, Qt for Assembly, Wt) on the following links (link, link, link, and link) but as an unexperienced web application developer I am not entirely sure which of these or alternative and preferable C++ modules to use.

Can you please provide some suggestions and guidance on witch web development library to use based on characteristics like the maturity, capabilities, easy of use, and the maturity (flexibility with Qt widgets) but also take into account the characteristics of my application?

Thank you in advance.

PS: I would like to mention if that helps that I am experienced in C++ and python not Java and Javascript.

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