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I am working with a dataframe where I have to take two columns (quant and sales) add them and then drop them, then capitalize the first letters of my column names. the problem is when I use drop it saves it to another dataframe. From the documentation the problem is from the


import pandas as pd

pie_info_original = pd.DataFrame(
    [("classic", "apple"), ("tangy", "orange"), ("creamy", "banana"),
     ("sour", "raspberry")], 
    columns = ["flavor", "fruit"])
pie_info_original.loc[:,'quant'] = [5,1,8,3]
pie_info_original.loc[:,'sales'] = [2,1,2,3]
pie_info = pie_info_original.drop(['quant', 'sales'], axis=1)
pie_info.rename(index=str, columns={"fruit": "Fruit", "flavor" : "Flavor"})

My data went from this

|  |fruit|flavor |quant|sales|
| 0|apple|classic|5    | 2   |
| 1|orange|tangy|1    | 1   |
| 2|banana|creamy|8    | 3   |
| 3|raspberry|sour|3    | 3   |

To this

|  flavor | fruit 
| 0|classic|apple|
| 1|tangy|orange |
| 2|creamy|banana|
| 3|sour|raspberry|

How would I be able to rearrange my columns so they display in the correct order. I tried setting the inplace to true but that prevents a new dataframe from being created.

**I want fruit to come before flavor

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