I'm not actually sure what the problem is here, what i'm doing is using PHP to display a sentence with an ahref anchor tag in .xml format:

echo "  <taskBody>".$task["task_content_body"]."</taskBody>\n";

This will display:

<taskBody>Just a simple test <a href="https://www.siteexample.com/">anchor text</a> test.</taskBody>

This works, my next goal is to get the line via Python:

xml_content_body = soup.find('taskBody')

This is where the problem starts, as far as the PHP part goes, it all looks fine, the anchor string <a href="https://www.siteexample.com/">anchor text</a> looks exactly like this, but when i go to post that string using Selenium only this is printed: Just a simple test anchor text test. but just as text meaning the anchor part is not clickable, when i print:


To the Python console, <a href... is not displayed, only the string as text: Just a simple test anchor text test.

I'm not sure where the issue lies, any help would be appreciated.

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