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I know if I had two lists of, say integers, I could simply do list(set(list1) & set(list2)) to get the intersection. However, in my two lists, I have mutable objects, namely Nodes. Node is a class that can be initialized with a value.

Without having to do a double for-loop, is there any way to get the intersection of two lists based on their ids? I'm looking for something similar to list(set(list1) & set(list2)).

Update: By id I am referring to the built-in id() function in Python which returns the address of where the object is stored in memory.

So, I'm asking what is the Intersection of say, [Node1, Node2, Node3] and [Node100, Node2, Node3]. Obviously I can't use the set intersection method above. I need to identify they are the same by accessing memory. If I can't try to identify them based on their value attribute because they may Node1 may have the same value as Node100, but they are not the same objects in memory.

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