My code is based on a cherry-pick I have done to another patch. I pushed it by mistake as the other patch is not ready yet. So in gerrit I see the other patch files as well. How do I make now my pushed patch re-based without the other files that came in from the other patch?

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Tobb On

To restore the branch to where it was before the cherry-pick, do this (where n is the number of cherry-picked commits):

git reset --hard HEAD~n
git push -f

Note that a force-push might mess up the commit history for anyone who has pulled your branch after your cherry-pick.

If you want to cherry-pick parts of a commit (just the one file), it can for instance be done this way:

git cherry-pick <hash>
git reset --soft HEAD~1
//revert unwanted changes and commit
git push
Community On

Will this eliminate the un-needed files that were pushed?