I have WILDCARD COMODO certificate with: CN = .dynazu.com and Subject Alternative Name = DNS:.dynazu.com, DNS:dynazu.com

I now see ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID on Chrome: 74.0.3729.169 Is this normal for my laptop: laptop.dynazu.com and my production site: tracker.dynazu.com?

Or must I now have my wildcard certificates issued with all the full site names listed? And if so, what is the purpose of a wildcard certificate? Confused...

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JoelParke On

Sometimes things change and OLD bugs show up.
I discovered that my credentials.json on the server had:

public static socket_url = 'https://localhost';

And in the past, there was no complaint. When I changed this to:

public static socket_url = 'https://laptop.dynazu.com';

all the complaints went away. Apparently one could use a localhost connection in the past without a complaint. And now things are more particular - which is a good thing.

So my understanding of wildcard certificates is correct and all is good..
I only report, since another may run across this issue.

Thanks to all who looked at this one. And it is clear that in the past, I should not have been using localhost on the server for the socket communications.