I have a website say TempDev in with local Path as C:/Sasuke/SVN/TempDev which was on SVN. Now we have migrated to GIT(local path - C:/Sasuke/GIT/TempDev). Initially I was not able to host it up properly on local machine for GIT and since I didn't have time, what I was doing was making changes on local SVN repo, test it. If it worked I used to copy paste the code on GIT repo(I used to do git pull first and then paste my code) which worked fine for .cs files. However, we also have two more projects which are added as .dll . I followed the same procedure and just copy pasted the .dll files from SVN/SomeProject1 and SVN/SomeProject2 and added to bin of GIT/TempDev. Now I am trying to change the source code of GIT/SomeProject2 and GIT/SomeProject1 but when I try to open it from Visual Studio, the visual studio just freezes(I get a pop up that visual studio is waiting for an internal operation to complete). I am not sure how to proceed and I don't want to mess up more :(. Any suggestions will be very helpful. Apologies if the question is not clear. Thanks in advance for your time :)

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