I am building a social networking website. After user signs up an account, I add his/her information to the database and creates 3 different tables for his/her other information, they are called like this ($username . "_posts"),($username . "_friends") and ($username . "_notifications"). In the creating statements I can not use placeholders for the table name to prevent SQL injection. So, I was thinking of a way to prevent the user from manipulating the statement I use to create the tables by his/her input. So, what if I prevented the user from inputting characters like (back quote) , (single quote) or (double quote) ....etc to the input field (username) , will this work? Is there a better way? If I choose to use way mentioned above what other characters should I prevent the user from inputting? thanks in advance.

Here is one of the create statements I use:

$create_table_for_user_posts = $conn->prepare("CREATE TABLE " . $username . "_posts (
    posts VARCHAR(35000) NOT NULL,
    poster_username VARCHAR(2000) NOT NULL,
    poster_first_name VARCHAR(2000) NOT NULL,
    poster_last_name VARCHAR(2000) NOT NULL,
    reg_date TIMESTAMP

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