Prepared statement in spark-jdbc

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I am trying to read the data from the MSSQL database using Spark jdbc with a specified offset. So the data should be loaded only after the specified timestamp which would be this offset. I tried to implement it by providing a query in jdbc configuraions, however, I did not found a possibility to create a prepared statement with parameterized values. In this case, I want to parameterize an offset which would change after each application launch. How can I implement it using jdbc options?

All the database configs reside in the application.conf file. This is the way I read from the database:

def jdbcOptions(query: String) = Map[String,String](
    "driver" -> config.getString("sqlserver.db.driver"),
    "url" -> config.getString("sqlserver.db.url"),
    "dbtable" -> s"(select * from TestAllData where update_database_time >= '2019-03-19 12:30:00.003') as subq,
    "user" -> config.getString("sqlserver.db.user"),
    "password" -> config.getString("sqlserver.db.password"),
    "customSchema" -> config.getString("sqlserver.db.custom_schema")

    val testDataDF = sparkSession

Instead a query should look almost like this:

s"(select * from TestAllData where update_database_time >= $tmstp) as subq

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There is no prepared statement in Spark-jdbc, so there are not other ways except for setting parameters in a String:

val dayColumn = "update_database_time"
val dayValue = "2019-03-19 12:30:00.003"

s"(select * from TestAllData where $dayColumn > '$dayValue') as subq"