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Pointer to a IMAGE_NT_HEADERS(masm32)

Asked by At

I came across the following lines of code:

assume esi:ptr IMAGE_NT_HEADERS

lea esi,[esi].OptionalHeader

and for the second day I can’t figure it out: 1.why you don’t need to specify the data type before ptr here.

2.why assume with ptr is used here. I read that this directive requires a data type, but I don't quite understand how it works. I studied masm on a dos system, and there this directive connected two registers, what it does here - I do not quite understand.

Why can't you just refer to IMAGE_NT_HEADERS as:

lea esi, [IMAGE_NT_HEADERS].OptionalHeader

in Windows, a flat model is used and there is no need to bind segment registers and IMAGE_NT_HEADERS is a regular structure or did I misunderstand?

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