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platform exception on YouTube_player_flutter package

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I implemented a YouTube player flutter package, but it keeps returning platform exception with circularprogressindicator on the frame, while trying to play the video.

here is the error] Unhandled Exception: PlatformException(unregistered_view_type, A UIKitView widget is trying to create a PlatformView with an unregistered type: < com.pichillilorenzo/flutter_inappwebview >, If you are the author of the PlatformView, make sure registerViewFactory is invoked. See: for more details. If you are not the author of the PlatformView, make sure to call GeneratedPluginRegistrant.register., null) #0 StandardMethodCodec.decodeEnvelope (package:flutter/src/services/message_codecs.dart:652:7) #1 MethodChannel._invokeMethod (package:flutter/src/services/platform_channel.dart:310:18) #2 PlatformViewsService.initUiKitView (package:flutter/src/services/platform_views.dart:242:5) #3 _UiKitViewState._createNewUiKitView (package:flutter/src/widgets/platform_view.dart:649:44) <asynchronous suspensi<…>

searched online some said adding the following io.flutter.embedded_views_preview NSAllowsArbitraryLoads to info.plist worked but I tried it, didn't work. side note, I am testing on iPhone simulator

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