I am trying to create an openAI gym environment for a four room gridworld to implement SMDP options framework. I have multiple gridmap files that have 0 for possible states and 1 for walls. I am initiating the environment with "None" parameter passed for the mapFile(self.mapFile = None). Then I am manually trying to put a parameter name for mapFile by calling env.mapFile = 'map1.txt' On resetting the environment, it sets the position of the gridworld as per the gridmap.

def __init__(self, terminal_reward = 1, move_reward = 0):
   self.mapFile = None

(initialization of the environment) Then

env.mapFile = 'map1.txt'



Which load the map and sets all the values inside the grid. But even after manual entry of env.mapFile, it returns an error saying mapFile is a none object. Can someone please help me to get around with this?GridMap text file looks like this

Adding one more thing - Many of my environment parameters are non editable because of some reason and mapFile is one of them

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